About Mr. & Mrs. P

Hi! Welcome to our page. Make yourself at home.

We are Cristy and Michael Paez, the creators and writers behind the blog Mr. & Mrs. P Miami. As you can tell from the title of our page, we are a married couple from Miami, but there is a lot more to us than that. We are self-taught cooks, do-it-yourselfers, gardeners, party planners, travelers, food photographers, chihuahua parents and the list goes on and on. We began blogging in 2010, a year after we got married, as a hobby. At first, only our family and friends followed us, but soon, foodies across the country and the world began to follow our blog. We are passionate about our blog and spend countless hours every week coming up with blog post ideas, making recipes, photographing, editing, writing and promoting our page. The hard work has paid off. Not only do we get to hear positive feedback from our fans, but we've also been featured on our local NBC affiliate, Univision's Delicioso cooking show and the River Cities Gazette. We are currently the couple's section contributor for Unique Me Magazine, a parenting magazine for unique families.

We believe in having a FULL life...full of family, friends, travel, good food and celebrations! Why should you compromise when you can have it all? We will show you how!

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