Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spring Roll Holiday Appetizer #SeaPak #PakTheParty

We are members of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community. We have been compensated to share our experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, Rich's SeaPak.

In two weeks we will be celebrating the third annual Ornament Exchange Party at our home. We are so excited to have our close friends over for some yummy food, festive drinks and laughs. We still have a lot to do before the party so we went to our local Walmart to buy some holiday decor and entertaining essentials. While at the store, we found these tasty Rich's SeaPak Spring Rolls in the frozen seafood section and we thought it would make a great holiday appetizer. It's the perfect snack option for parties because you could actually enjoy yourself instead of slaving away in the kitchen all night on homemade treats. These spring rolls are a healthy quick dinner option as well when paired with a salad. We decided to test it out last night for dinner to see if we would like to serve it at our upcoming party. We were impressed and decided that these spring rolls will definitely be part of our menu. The flaky crust and warm filling of shrimp and vegetables really hit the spot.

These spring rolls were easy to prepare. All we did was place them on a baking sheet and bake them for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Although it was just us two having them for dinner, we decided to experiment with ways in which we would display them the day of the party. We placed the rolls on a bed of peppery arugula on a round white platter. We think it kind of looks like a Christmas wreath! We added a pop of color and decoration to the dish by adding yellow juicy tomatoes and plump cranberries. Then we used our homemade cranberry sauce, which we made for Thanksgiving, as a dip. We love the green and red colors of this quick and east dish! These Rich's SeaPak spring rolls are one of the the best frozen appetizers we have ever tasted.

Here is the link to the Ladies Home Journal mention as the "The 15 Best Frozen Appetizers to Serve at a Party": and the Today's Show mention of the product as well:
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