Monday, September 2, 2013

July and August Instagram Recap

July and August were two crazy months. We had so much going on in our personal lives and at work! Here is a glimpse into some of the most eventful moments of the past two months!

Annually, Miami Springs, the city we live in, hosts so many events for July Fourth! From a car show, to a parade, they are all fun filled events!

Joey was in the patriotic mood!

Finally, we got our own url! We are so excited.

We joined the juicing craze and gave it a try!

Orange, Carrot and Banana juice.

We went prop shopping in antique stores. Found so many wonderful things!

Enjoyed dinner with great friends!

Grilled every night for dinner!! Taking advantage of summer!

We went on a pie craze!!

Had our first guest post on our blog!

We have been writing for Unique Magazine for almost a year now. The magazine celebrated it's one year anniversary!

Caught up with our high school English teacher and mentor!

Lucas our nephew was baptized!

Cristy's cousin gave birth to her baby girl, Audrey!

 Saw Slava's Snow Show. What an amazing show!

 Had an amazing dinner at Tongue & Cheek in Miami Beach.

The dinner was 5 courses. Everything was delicious!

Had a great weekend getaway to Key West, Florida.

Joey came along for our weekend getaway!

Southermost point!

We were chosen as Miami Springs Yard of the Month for the month of August!

We gave our kitchen door a splash of color!

Finally, our sunflowers opened.


  1. What a wonderful few months! I love these instragram recaps. It looks like there were ample parties, babies, projects, and food! Sounds like a great summer to me!

  2. You've had a terrific summer...especially with Paris added in!!! Hope you've had a wonderful holiday weekend, too.

    1. We definitely started summer out right with Paris

  3. Dear Cristy, What a beautiful summer. It was filled with such nice memories. I loved looking at all the pictures and I am in love with Joey! He is adorable!!
    Blessings dears. Catherine xo

  4. What a great roundup... I'm jealous by the amount of times you grilled this summer! YUM!

    1. We pretty much grill year round... Thanks to the weather

  5. I am so glad that you had a FUN summer, Mrs. P. I love those props.

  6. Summer is always fun! And I can't wait for ours to arrive!

    Happy anniversary for your Unique magazine! Both of you did an amazing job being writers.


    1. LOL we always forget you are in the other side of the world...

  7. Wonderful! It looks like you had a great time.

    Great props!



  8. Wow, 2 awesome months! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  9. I'm thinking of starting my own pie-craze. It just seems like the right season!

  10. Lovely post with so much going on during this 2 month.
    For sure there was no time for boredom :)
    Your nephew is so cute, so is Joey!

    1. lol.. We are never bored! We always find something to do!

  11. Looks like summer has been a huge and happy highlight for your guys! Love your cute little nephew :)

  12. What's busy and fun-filled couple of months! Gotta love Joey, he's a superstar everywhere he goes

  13. What a busy two months - filled with amazing events! And what a fun idea putting these pics together as a recap!

    1. Thanks Andrea. It was a crazy summer, but all was good. We are blessed!


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