Monday, July 2, 2012

Patriotic Decor for Your Home

Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays! July 4th calls for fireworks, family, friends, fun times and food! What more can you ask for? A few weeks ago, Mrs. P saw some cute DIY fourth of July lanterns on Pinterest. She got inspired to make some of her own. After a quick trip to Target, she put together 7 patriotic lighted decorations for our winding walkway. Here's how she did it:

1) Shop for the following items:
-Tin candle holder or lantern that emits light
-Small American flags
-Red, white and blue ribbon
-Tealights or battery candles
-Plastic tie wrap

2) Secure the flag onto the handle of the lantern with a tie wrap. Make sure it is nice and tight!

3) Cut the end of the tie wrap and make a knot around it with your ribbon. Make a bow and adjust the flag so that it is standing up straight.

4) Place your tea light or battery candle in the lantern and enjoy!

Have a festive and joyous 4th of July!

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