Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Once a year, Epcot transforms itself into a festival of culinary treasures for foodies from all over. We didn't have to travel too far, just a few hours by car, but we got to experience food from abroad without leaving Florida. Below are our notes and photos of what we sampled. We know it looks like a lot, but keep in mind, we shared every dish and spread out our meals throughout the day. All in all, we spent about $80 per person, not including admission into the park. That cash went far considering that we didn't have breakfast or dinner that day. Not only did we had a fantastic day at the park, we had the opportunity to try amazing cuisine from around the world. What are you waiting for? The Epcot Wine & Food Festival is almost over! Don't miss it!

"The Epcot Wine & Food Festival is a peaceful day of extraordinary food,
delicious wine and undeniable fun!"
-Mr. & Mrs. P

Food: Grilled lamp chop with potato goat cheese salad
Wine: Greg Norman estates Shiraz
Notes: The lamb was tender and we enjoyed the wine reduction sauce. The wine paired well with the lamb. The potato salad was okay but we would have liked it better warm.
Food: Grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato purée
Wine: Terrazas reserva malvec
Notes: We loved the chimichurri sauce. It tastes similar to Mr. P's family recipe which we will share on the blog someday. The meat was well done because everything is cooked to FDA standards, but it was not over cooked. The boniato mash was steaming hot - just the way we like it! Wine was full bodied and delicious! We loved this kiosk. The only disappointment was that we didn't have a place to sit. There really should be more tables. (Hint, hint Disney)

Food: Grilled ribeye taco with chipotle pepper sauce and scallions on a flour tortilla and a crispy shrimp taco with chipotle lime mayo and cabbage on a four tortilla with cabbage
Notes: We were excited to try this kiosk because Mexican food is one of our favorites! We ordered two tacos and shared the happiness. The shrimp taco was light, while the steak was a little heavier. Order both for a perfect balance of flavors and culinary delight. The chipotle wasn't too spicy but it did have the kick we craved. Totally recommend this one if you are a Mexican food foodie! Awesome! Don't forget to go inside of Mexico to shop and ride the Gran Fiesta Tour staring the Tres Caballeros!

Food: Black pepper shrimp with sichuan noodles, ginger and caramel ice-cream
Wine: Green tea plum wine cooler
Notes: Shrimp dish had scallions, the shrimp was lightly breaded and fried, the noodles were thick and held on to the sauce. We might try the wine cooler at home...just mix cooled green tea and plum wine in a pitcher with ice. The ice cream was creamy but not overly sweet...perfect for when you want to continue trying savory dishes at the festival. At first you taste the caramel and then the simple notes of ginger. The cup was big enough for two people to share.

Cheese Kiosk
Food: Cheese fondue
Wine: Sterling vintners collection Sauvignon blanc and riesling
Notes: The fondue was okay but not great. It was made with Swiss cheese, which Mr. P is not a fan of. We think our recipe is better. We will post it soon. We overheard other guests say that the cheese platter was very good but we didn't order that. The Sauvignon blanc was refreshing and light yet a little dry.

Food: Nuernberger sausage in a pretzel roll and apple strudel featuring Werther's original caramel and vanilla sauce.
Wine: Selbech JH riesling classic
Notes: The sausage was flavorful and the pretzel bread was nice and soft. We enjoyed the strudel but wished it was warm. The wine was better than the one we tried at the cheese kiosk. Very floral.

Food: Ravioli di formaggio all'emiliana (baked cheese ravioli with creamy beef bolognese, parmesan and mozzarella)
Wine: Fantinel prosecco
Notes: Excellent! After your snack, take a photo by the gondolas and pretend you are in Venice!

Food: Shrimp cake on a sugar cane skewer with Singapore noodles
Wine: Tiger beer
Notes: Nice presentation! Shrimp cake was moist and flavorful, tasted like the filling of a dumpling. The beer was nice and refreshing.

Food: Kefta pocket (ground seasoned beef in a pita bread), Baklava
Wine: Royale mimosa (orange juice, champaine and orange liquor)
Notes: This dish was one of our favorite except for the fact that the pita was soggy because it was sitting out for a few minutes. We loved the mimosa and Baklava.

Food: Belgium waffle with berry compote and whipped cream
Notes: Airy, light and colorful - best waffle we have ever tasted!

Food: Cog au Vin sur gratin de macaroni (red wine braised chicken, mushrooms, pearl onions and macaroni gratin) and Creme brûlée au chocolate
Wine: Sparkling pomegranate kir
Notes: Very yummy and a good portion. The chocolate was very light, but it was great.

Food: Grizzled Greek cheese with pistachios and honey
Notes: Best way to end our food tour! We recently went to Greece and this dish took us back instantly. You must try this. The only bummer was that the servers were not Greek. Every other booth was staffed with people from their respective country.

Dessert Kiosk
Food: Sampling of three mini desserts: Lemon Chiffon, White Macadamia Mousse, Tres Leche
Notes: Disappointed....lemon dessert was way too tart, the Tres Leche was not authentic and the mousse was nothing worth bragging about. The presentation looked better than how it tasted.


  1. I had no idea they did this at Epcot! What a fun foodie experience!!! We've eaten at a number of those restaurants over the years, but seeing ALL these dishes with your reviews is fabulous~

  2. Patrick- I know it looks like a lot but the portions are small and remember we both shared it..

    Lizzy_ its zoo much fun.. You have to be a foodie though!! lol

  3. :))Fantastic presentation and reviews...everything look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this yum post!!!

  4. Wow. This food is so great and I would like to enjoy this food also. The reviews are great.


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