Thursday, March 24, 2011

Semi-Homemade Cookie Tower

Who says you need to spend the day baking to whip up a beautiful dessert? You can create this stunning cookie tower in no time! All you need are various cake stands, some ribbon, a pint of strawberries and some cookies. Here are our recommendations for the most elegant store-bought cookies and treats:

-Entenmann's Ultimate Madeleine's Petite Butter Cakes
-White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
-Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
-Chocolate Chip Merengues from the Publix Bakery

In less than five minutes you can arrange a delicious cookie tower without breaking a sweat! You can swap the ribbon depending on the occasion or add seasonal fruits.


  1. Looks so beautiful and fancy! Nicely done guys!

  2. That is a lovely and facy idea! It looks delightful! You're so right- making something beautiful definitely does not have to be an all day affair!

  3. Yes, we can turn store bought or from box mixes into beautiful displays, tasty food and sometimes even healthier foods if we just think creatively.

  4. This is such a cute idea! I may have to use this for easter!

  5. You guys are just too awesome.

    Hey, wanted you to know I have an award for you all on my site. You both bring some amazing traits to the blogging world, and I just love reading your posts.

  6. Beautiful tower! And I love shortcuts :)

  7. Wow! looks great awesome!! beautiful tower.

  8. That's gorgeous and works for me. I love to entertain but would rather focus on the savory food than the desserts, so many thanks!

  9. Love your guys' blog! The two of you are so cute! Can't wait for more posts!


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