Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Truckin' in Wynwood

Ready. Set. Goooooo!!! Don't be the last one to join the food truck craze! These mobile food palaces are a foodie's dream come true! If you are anything like us and our foodie friends Steven and Maria (pictured above), you will rejoice in the variety of foods offered by food truck geniuses.

We have been wanting to jump into the food truck scene since the Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" hit the airwaves. Finally, after weeks of putting it off, our friends joined us on a last-minute trip to Wynwood for dinner. We must admit, we had our doubts at first. "Let's just go for appetizers and we'll have dinner at a restaurant later," we unknowingly reassured ourselves.

As soon as we arrived to the parking lot full of trucks (over 20 of them), we were overwhelmed with choices: tacos, burgers, seafood, gelato and even cupcakes! "Where do we start?" we thought. We couldn't resist the chipstix. First of all, the name was catchy. Second, we were intrigued by the machinery on the truck. Turns out that this unique potato wedge creation is only available in Disney, Seaworld and the Chipstix food truck. We shared the sour cream and chive flavored chipstix. It was great! We should have bought two though because it was all gone in 5 seconds!

At this point, we realized that we weren't going to any fancy sit-down restaurant. We were happy right where we were - food truck heaven. Next, it was fish tacos from Jefe's. This time each couple got their own taco to share. We learned our lesson! Other than the fish tacos we make at home, these are our favorite fish tacos thus far. The fish was tender and crisp. The double corn tortilla was one of the best we have ever tasted.

The night's winner was hand's down "Latin House Grill." Don't let the mini burgers (called "Muffin Tops") fool you! They are like our chihuahua Joey: they may look small, but they have mighty personalities. There's actually a 1/4 pound of meat between those two freshly baked buns! Let's talk about those buns. They are to die for! Mother and son/owners have only been around for six months, but they have very loyal followers. Our friend Maria thinks they are stalk-worthy. We think so too!

Did we mention that they have an amazing dessert called "balls to the wall"? It's two deed-fried brownie balls battered in funnel cake mix drizzled with luscious ribbons of sweet condensed milk. Delicious!

After a very satisfying dinner, we decided to have a glass of wine at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. It was only a few blocks away from where the food trucks were gathered. We talked about our favorite food trucks over a glass of wine and then took pictures of the artwork outside. Overall, we were impressed by the food trucks and look forward to visiting them again soon!


  1. I'm all about food trucks - those chipstix are awesome!

  2. Love this post you guys! Excellent

  3. Looks like great fun! Your post is also making me very hungry. The burger looks mouthwatering delicious. Gotta love those fries on a stick....what a novel idea!

    Anna's Table

  4. Great post and I love the photos!

  5. The chipstix was awesome but the burger blew everything we ate out of the water!!

    We had a great time indeed!!

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I have never had food truck food... Someday!

  7. I love love love food trucks! They line up down the street from my lab every day and lunch is whatever you want. It's totally perfect.

  8. Those chipstix are intriguing! Looks like great fun and great food!

  9. sounds like the balls to the wall :)

  10. Mr. & Mrs. P ...this food trucking race sounds fun :) great fun and great food. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us :)

  11. Those potatoes on a stick look amazing!


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