Monday, December 27, 2010

Lemons the Size of Softballs!

Back in April, Mr. P surprised Mrs. P with a 3 foot lemon tree. Boy were we in for a surprise! The tree flowered beautifully and grew about 15 lemons. At first, the lemons were green, so we left them on the tree a few more weeks. They continued to grow and grow and grow until they were the size of softballs! They just would not stop growing! The pictures above really demonstrate just how over sized the lemons were.

Aren't they the biggest lemons you have ever seen?


  1. Yes, they are definitely the biggest lemons I have ever seen. What are you going to make with them?

  2. We have used them already for so many things!!!! We had 15 of these babies!!! The zest is great!!!! Its full of that lemon flavor and smell without being bitter!!

    We make this lemon sauce for pasta that is amazing! Recipe will be posted soon!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I can only imagine the lemonade....

  4. Wow! Those are big lemons indeed! Our Meyer lemons grow quite large but not like that. Awesome!

  5. oooooooo, lemonade, yummy
    cookies with lemon rind, delicious
    tea with few drops of lemon juice, refreshing

    where did you get the lemon tree? I want one too

    have a joyful season

  6. Lemon curd!!! Oh, you have to make lemon curd with it. I love that stuff. :)

    I want a lemon tree like that. Where did you order it???

  7. We actually got it in lowes! We had no idea the lemons would grow that big. Mind you the tree is only 3 feet tall!

  8. Craving summer, I've just made Lemon, Ginger and Mint Barley Water - what I wouldn't have done to have lemons like these beauties at my disposal!

  9. These lemons look like grapefruits! Mmmmm, I bet a granita would be great!


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