Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snacking on Sushi on the Epic!

As we said "bye, bye" to Miami last Saturday, we said "hello" to 7 days full of infinite possibilities on board the Norwegian Epic. There was so much to do...and eat! As much as we love food, we made sure not to overindulge. It is a cruise, after all! Remember that you have to strut your stuff in a swim suit all week long! Therefore, our first meal was light and healthy: sushi! We had a late lunch at Wasabi Yakitori & Sushi, a Japanese a la carte specialty restaurant on board. (Deck 7, Mid)

Prior to looking at the menu, we had assumed that each roll would cost 10 bucks a pop. That's what we are accustomed to paying for sushi in Miami. We were surprised to learn that each roll was priced around three bucks each. That's less than a happy meal.

We sat in the tall bar chairs along the perimeter of the atrium and admired the largest LED chandelier at sea. This is one of the best spots on the ship to people-watch. O'Sheehan's is another good place for that.

We had never tried Yakitori and didn't really know what it was, so we ordered it. We like to try new things on vacation. Turns out, it is pretty much a shish kabob but the meat is seasoned differently and it is made on bamboo skewers. We ordered the Tsukune Yakitori (chicken meatballs) for $1 and Gyu Yakitori (short rib) for $2. They were both good, but we liked the short rib better than the chicken meatballs. Yakitori is the perfect snack when you are hungry and your dinner reservations aren't for another hour or so. The yummy miso soup is included with your meal at no extra cost.

Next, we shared the Dynamite Roll (sushi on the right: yellow tail, salmon, and green onion - we asked them to add cream cheese) and the Red Hokkaido Roll (sushi on the left: spicy scallops and marinated maguro, which is tuna). The fish was very fresh and had great texture. Overall, the sushi is melt-in-your-mouth good! We were happy campers!


  1. Yum! This is so great! I really love reading about your trip and the restaurants on the ship. When or if we cruise on that ship we'll know just what to do!

  2. Looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I've always been reluctant to try sushi as I was ill following eating some smoked salmon many years ago, but you make it sound delicious so maybe I'll give it a go on the ship. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Enchanted Cook and Tecknik! Mandy, perhaps you should eat at the sushi bar on the last day just in case you get sick. I (Mrs. P) was not a big sushi fan myself, but I found that I like the tempura roll (the fried one) much better than the raw. Pleas check out our other reviews on the other places to eat!


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