Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seeing is Believing: Shanghai's Chinese Restaurant on the Epic

Shanghai's Chinese Restaurant (Noodle Bar) on the Epic is a great little exciting place to eat in this grand ship. What makes this a-la-carte restauant so unique is the ability to see your meal being cooked in front of you while you wait. Note: The Noodle Bar at Shanghai's is a-la-carte, however Shanghai's it self is a flat cover charge. Do not confuse this with the Tappanyaki restaurant on board. It is quite a different experience. The chefs at Shanghai's do not put on a show as they cook. However, is is fun to watch them cook, especially when you are foodies like us!

We began chatting with a Asian couple next to us when we saw them taking photos of their food. This doesn't happen very often, so we started up a conversation with them. They told us that they were taking photos of their food because it was one of the most authentic Chinese dishes they have ever had outside of their country. That's a pretty big deal! If you are a fan of Chinese food, you need to check this place out.
For starters, Mr. P ordered the shrimp dumplings with a sweet dipping sauce. They were steamed to perfection and had a very airy texture.

Mrs. P had the fried potstickers, which are pan-fried dumblings. They were served in a bamboo bowl. The crust was crispy and the stuffing was warm and satisfying.

We ordered the shrimp fried rice and the seafood noodles. The fried rice was really good, but the star of the meal was definitely the noodles. This soup-like dish is made with shrimp, octopus, seafood broth, noodles, red onions and peppers. Then it is topped with red pepper flakes and chili oil. The layers of flavor keep your taste buds asking for more! Mr. P was one happy cruiser!


  1. Yum!! I heard the food here is amazing.. pics do not disappoint! Thanks for the post!

  2. Among many other standards Confucius established standards for proper table etiquette and for the appearance and taste of Chinese food. Phoenix Chinese Restaurant


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