Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Money well spent at Moderno on the Epic!

Cagney's has always been our favorite restaurant on board NCL cruises, however Moderno (Deck 7, Aft.) definitely raised the bar! The Argentinian churrascaria does not disappoint unless you are a vegan or on a diet! Make sure you come here hungry because you are about to try 10 different meats! By the fifth tasting, we were satisfied, but tried the last five anyway (you know, for the blog). We must say that the assistant maitre'D at that restaurant was fantastic. If you go, please tell Rosalia Dizon that Mr. & Mrs. P sent you. The cover charge at Moderno is only $18 per person. That's not bad for the amount of food they bestow upon you.

An hour before our reservation, we enjoyed 2-for-one martinis atMalting's, a swanky but quiet bar adjacent to Moderno. Check the daily newsletter for drink specials.
Mr. P had the Polaris made with vodka, ice wine and Sprite. This is definitely something we can make at home. The pictures below were taken on different days on board. Top photo: French Kiss Martini (left) and Lychee Martini (right) Bottom photo: Pear Martini (left) and French Cosmo (right).

While you wait for your table, you are free to snack on fancy appetizers from Moderno's fully stocked salad bar. Cheese, olives, pasta salad,prosciutto and air dried beef were some of the snacks we couldn't resist.
After meeting new friends (Kristi Slaughter and bartenders at the bar, Rosalia sat us down in an intimate table near the kitchen. We were right in the line of fire. We were surrounded by skewers and meat!
Here's a list of all the meats they bring to your table:

1) Pork Ribs
2) Garlic Beef
3) Fillet Mignon
4) Top Sirloin Steak
5) Lamb Chops (Mr. P's favorite!)
6) Chorizo
7) Portuguese Sausage
8) Beef Ribs
9) Chicken Breast wrapped in bacon (Mrs. P's favorite!)
10) Chicken Drumsticks marinated in lime juice, sea salt and garlic

As for the sides, they were just as incredible! They served us buttered white rice with black beans, french fries, garlic mashed potatoes and fried bananas. The fried bananas were out of this world! We've tried plenty of "platanos maduros," which are fried plantains, growing up, but these were actual ripe bananas that were breaded and fried. How clever! That's on our list of things we tried on vacation and want to make!

For dessert, we ordered the Portuguese sweet bread puffs with caramel and vanilla sauce. The waiter insisted on bringing out a variety of desserts, so we also tried the coconut flan and mango rice pudding. We were in heaven! Needless to say, we worked out for an hour the next day and skipped breakfast. It was worth it!


  1. W-O-W!! My favorite review yet!! I REALLY have to take an extra 3lbs off so I can gain it all back at this place! Looks amazing! Thanks for the list of meats as well!

  2. that looks really good (especially the vodka ;) you think the name of the restaurant is kinda funny tho?

  3. We are spending our first dining experience here on November 6 for our anniversary cannot wait to eat here.

    Loved you on the webinar yesterday.

  4. Thanks! The webinar was lots of fun!! I wish we could do it every time.

    I wish we would be joining you on the 6th!. Enjoy!!!

  5. Please tell if you have to go on a cruise to go to this restaurant. I live in Cape Coral, FL and enjoy spending the day in the Miami area. But would love to get the details. Thanks for this and your blog.


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