Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. P's Halloween Ideas & Tips!

Halloween is our favorite holiday! It's the kick off to the holiday season and this year we are eager to get the party started! Here's some fantastic ideas, from our home to yours...


Even before we got married, we had a passion for cooking and baking. So every year, we made something special for our friends' Halloween parties. In 2007, we made tri-colored cupcakes for Mrs. P's cousin's Halloween home-warming party. We baked the cupcakes in Halloween themed baking cups and decorated them using plain vanilla frosting and food coloring. We really like using bright colors such as purple, lime green and orange for Halloween. We divided the vanilla frosting equally into three separate bowls, then used a different food coloring for each bowl. Follow the instructions on the food coloring box for the amount of drops to use. After you frost the cupcakes, use creepy Halloween candy to decorate them. We used gummy bones for ours.

We made cupcakes again in 2008. What can we say? We love cupcakes! This time, they looked like little pumpkins and we only used orange food coloring for the frosting. In a small bowl, we combined sugar and orange food coloring to dye the sugar. Then, we dipped the frosted cupcakes into the bowl. Finally, we pushed a thick twisted pretzel into the center of the cupcake to resemble the steam of the pumpkin. Super easy, cheap and cute!

Last year, we hosted our first Halloween party at our home. We had just bought a bundt pan and were eager to use it. We made two cakes, using boxed cake mix. Once they both cooled completely, we put one on top of the other. The one on the bottom was upside-down. Then, we combined powdered sugar, water and orange food coloring in a bowl and whisked it to create the glaze. We drizzled the glaze over the pumpkin-shaped cake and placed an ice cream cone (upside-down) in the middle. We decorated it further by placing leaves from our tree on the top of the cake and candy corn on the bottom. It was a hit!

Another favorite treat are our dead lady fingers! Here's how we make them. We make shortbread cookies in the shape of fingers and before baking them, we create creases by pressing the dough with the side of a fork. Finally we place sliced almonds on the tips of the "fingers" to represent nails. Believe it or not, they really look like fingers when they come out of the oven! Your friends will love them!


We cannot wait until the first day of Fall this year to decorate for Halloween! Last year was our first Halloween at our new home and we got so excited that we swapped all of our regular decorations for Halloween and Fall decorations. Below are some ideas from last year. We plan on doing things a little different this year and will post pictures soon!

(Left: We create "shrunken heads" by peeling apples and carving faces on them. It doesn't have to be perfect. Then we dip the apples in a lemon juice and salt mixture for two minutes and allow the apples to dry near a window for about a week. Right: All you need is water and red food coloring to make "blood.")

(Create your own cinnamon scented candle and save a lot of money! Here's how: 1) buy a small pumpkin 2) cut a hole on one side big enough to fit a tea candle 3) scoop out everything from the inside 4) rub cinnamon throughout the inside of the pumpkin 5) drill holes in it to let out the warming aroma and light 6) Light the candle and enjoy!)

(To create a spooky bar for your next Halloween party, use lab beakers as pitchers and a plastic cauldron as a cooler or ice bucket. Bones, spider webs and pumpkins will add to the scary scene!)


We dress up every year. We cant help it! Every year we get more and more creative with our couple costume ideas. In 2007, we were the tooth fairy and the dentist. Mrs. P ordered her costume online, while Mr. P borrowed a friend's scrubs and bought some dental care supplies at the local pharmacy.

In 2008, we became a little morbid and created a dead groom and widow costume. That was the year we were engaged to be married. We bought Mr. P's suit at a thrift shop and covered it in baby powder to give it that "just came out of the grave" look. We bought his body makeup in the pharmacy and sprinkled baby powder on his hair as well. Mrs. P's black wedding dress was an old, long homecoming dress that she had hemmed for this costume. She bought some black fabric and sewed it onto a silver plastic tiara she bought at Party City. She completed the look with a black bouquet of flowers, black gloves and black lipstick. Everything came out to under $50 for both costumes.

Last year, we jumped on the vampire bandwagon for Mr. P's costume. He already owned the clothes he wore and had leftover Halloween makeup from the year before. Mrs. P was a sexy witch. She bought the corset top and black skirt in Forever 21. The accessories were from Party City. Marc, Mrs. P's Godson, was Michael Jackson. His costume was homemade too!

We hope that you will find our Halloween ideas useful! Please comment if you plan on making any of these recipes or using any of our decor and/or costume ideas.
Happy Halloween!


  1. These are great ideas!! Reading your post put me in a festive mood - I love that! The cake looks awesome and the fingers are really cool! Thanks for the tips with the costumes and ways to do it inexpensively, too!

  2. Enjoy! If you make any of the recipes, please send us pictures!

  3. You guys are so much fun! Wish you lived near me! Fantastic Halloween ideas! :)


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